Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) Reveals 3 Prototype Electric Bikes


Pedals for Pipes

The 3 bikes shown in a post in the “Future Vehicles” section of the Harley-Davidson site all appear nearly production ready rather than CG renders or rough prototypes.

They are also co-mingling with 3 other “future” models including the now present-and-accounted-for Livewire, the upcoming street fighter and the due-soon Pan American dual-sport.

A little bit of poking about in Photoshop reveals the bikes in the image to be both sophisticated and advanced, with what appear to be multi-speed rear hubs, belt drive, not chains, disc brakes, and electric motors mounted amidships around the pedaling mechanism.

Batteries appear to be held within the frames instead of riding outboard in a quick-swap configuration.

The 3 models shown include 1 step-though design with no upper frame spar. The usual caveats are also present on the page, so whether these bikes will see the light of day is not guaranteed.

There are also no specific performance specs from H-D other than to say the bikes are pedal-assist, and no hint was given to any possible pricing.

Harley-Davidson, the aging rebel

HeffX-LTN overall technical outlook for HOG is Neutral to Bearish for the week ended 30 August 2019

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