Hapless House Dems Focused on”Imaginary Impeachments”

US House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and other House Democrats are pushing for “imaginary impeachment” proceedings against President Trump that “nobody in America” wants, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy declared Tuesday.

There are no facts for it,” the California Republican said in a TV interview. “Here is Nadler who campaigned to become chairman on the whole basis that he would be best for impeachment the day after the election. This is something he wants to do regardless of the fact but it’s imaginary.

Mr.McCarthy also insisted that Democrats across the country have little interest in impeaching Pressident Trump. 

If you go out on the Presidential campaign with Democrats, nobody asked about it,” he said. “They just had a full debate, not one question about impeachment.”

There also was no talk about the economy during the debate because Democrats had “nothing to do with” making it the strongest economy in the past 50 years. 

They don’t want to talk about it because that’s the reason to believe why President Trump is going to get reelected,” said Mr. McCarthy. 

Meanwhile, there have been several Republicans retiring, but McCarthy noted that all of them except for one are from safe Republican seats, so he sees the retirements as more of a “revolution” that will allow new people to come in, so he is optimistic about Republicans regaining the House majority.

Remember what just happened in North Carolina,” he said. “We just won 2 seats. In 2018 we had only won that seat by 900 votes. Dan Bishop just won it by more than 4,000. That simple increase would automatically increase 13 more seats in Congress and we only need 19 for the majority.

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