Getting the Most Flavor From Vegetables

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How you slice, dice, chop and cut vegetables affects their flavor“– Paul Ebeling

The way you cut vegetables can really impact their flavors and tastes, and here is why, as follows:

Food chemistry is complex. Cutting affects the cooking process, aroma, and texture of the vegetable, which in turn can definitely influence our own perception of how it tastes.

When you cut or cook a vegetable, it releases enzymes which kick off a series of chemical reactions that bring out its aroma and flavor. It’s why onions and garlic taste and smell differently depending on whether you mince, slice, or brown them in a pan.

Even the way you cut a tomato can influence its flavor. A wedge of tomato may not taste as good as a slice of tomato. So the more finely cut vegetables will be enhanced by the cooking process, making them cook faster or more easily soak up flavor from really good French butter.

If you want more flavor out of your vegetables, try cutting them up more finely. If you want more well-rounded, bursting flavor, cut things into rounds, or more roughly, an so on.

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