Fresh Air, Sunshine, Walk in the Woods Improve Our Immune System

Fresh air and sunshine improves our mood, but spending time in the woods boosts your natural killer cells, if there are no woods around, go to a green space, breathe and…

Develop the Habits that Support Your Immune System

Developing healthy habits is important to support your immune system, reduce the potential for viral infections and lower your risk of chronic disease.

While there are multiple choices you make each day, the following factors are foundational to creating a strong health plan.

•Gut microbiome: Your gut microbiota is Key to your immune system and digestive health. Fermented food and fiber are vital to repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria and providing the necessary nutrients for them to thrive. Drink good water.

•Exercise: Research evidence underscores the benefits of exercise to your immune health. Seek to raise your heart and breathing rate for 30 mins each day in addition to moving out of your chair frequently. Your body requires both exercise and movement to stay healthy.

•Sleep: The quality and quantity of your sleep has a regulatory effect on your immune system. Developing good sleep habits requires just a little effort. Research it.

•Vitamin D: This is another powerful component to supporting your immune system and the prevention and treatment of viral infections, including the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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