Focus: Riding Your Mind of ‘Monkey Thoughts’

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Obsessive thinking, aka Monkey Thoughts is a common symptom of anxiety”— Paul Ebeling

People with anxiety often have recurring negative thoughts, which can make them feel like they have no control over their life and their perception of reality is altered.

Those people with anxiety may start to feel like they are in danger or being threatened, which can make them start to feel like they’re “going crazy”.

If that is your problem then try to be realistic and remind yourself that what you are feeling probably is not real.

Learn to think positively. Anxiety can cause a lot of unhelpful negative thinking. Try to identify any unhelpful thoughts and reframe them in a positive way.

Ask yourself questions about the thoughts such as “is this thought realistic?” or “what is the worst that can happen?

Understand and accept the thoughts as a symptom of your anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective tool for dealing with obsessive thinking.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!