Florida Man Sentenced to 90 Days for Spitting on Man Wearing MAGA Cap

Careful anti-Trumpers the worm has turned.

Spitting on President Trump and his “deplorable” supporters, and and will cost anti-Trumpers 90 days in jail, 12 months probation, and cost you almost $1,000 on a charge of battery, if not $15,000 in a civil lawsuit.

A Vero Beach, Florida, judge sentenced a registered Democrat to that time in the Indian River County Jail, with probation, a fine of $695, and restitution of $155, including $40 of which is intended to cover the cost of a new “Make America Great Again” cap, according to a published court ruling document.

Matthias George Ajple, 43 anni, who pleaded no contest, was alleged to have spit on Robert Youngblood, 67 anni, MAGA-cap wearing Trump supporter at a bar and grill in October. Mr. Youngblood reportedly recently was coming off cancer surgery and still had stitches on his neck at the time of the incident.

It bothers me a lot that your stated goal was to punish Youngblood for exercising his political speech,” County Judge David Morgan told Mr. Ajple, “Here you simply punished Youngblood on the spot.

Your attack was despicable; it was cowardly. 

In our culture,” Judge Morgan continued, “to spit on somebody indicates a feeling of superiority, of disdain, and then you ran.

Mr. Youngblood in seeking damages of more than $15,000 in a civil lawsuit.

According to a description of the events, in the published court documents: “Camera footage shows Youngblood was simply sitting at the bar watching a World Series game with two friends, minding his own business.

“The arrest affidavit for the 43-yr-old spitter states that on October 25, 2019, the ‘white male approached [Youngblood] and stated ‘You should go back to Russia you f***ing communist.’ After this statement the male then slapped the bill of Youngblood’s hat. The male then walked around the gate, leaned over it, spit on Youngblood and then left the scene.

Youngblood was able to write down the license plate and police were quickly able to track him down.

“The arresting officer wrote that at that time, Ajple told police, ‘I was just trying to protect you guys because I support Law Enforcement, Trump supporters are communist and racist.’

Making and Keeping America Great!

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