Florida is Seen as a “Free State”


Florida is hot and that is not a weather report, but an economic forecast, according to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

You have lockdown states that are putting people out of business,” Governor DeSantis said on TV. “We focused on lifting people up. By doing that, you actually have new entrepreneurs coming to start new ventures, new restaurants are opening in Florida. New hotels are opening in Florida.

“So people are viewing Florida as a place they can follow their dreams. It is a free state,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis noted Florida has vaccinated about 1.75-M seniors so far, which is about 40% of all seniors in Florida.

There’s a whole bunch of things we’ve been doing for COVID, but at the same time, we’ve lifted our state up, we’ve saved our economy, and I think we’re going to be first out of the gate to put COVID behind in our country.”

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