Financial Markets Depend on President Trump Holding the Line

Equity investment markets hold lots of different risks for participants.

And none is greater than the risk of erratic government policy, the growth of government bureaucracies and their oppressive regulations have resulted in the continuing loss of economic freedom for all Americans.  

Today, free-market capitalism is under attack by the political-social-intellectual-elite who really believe in the democratic socialist ideology, and hostile to any dissent from that party line. 

This ideology is effectively a ‘religion’ taught in schools today that is based on the illusionary belief that a hybrid of collectivist economic elements and capitalism imposed and enforced by a strong central government can create a Utopian society, it is not true now and has never been, though it has been tried throughout history, much to the suffering and death of the people sucked up in it.

Against this political backdrop, President Trump was elected US President.

President Trump was elected by millions of Americans who believed he would constrain the worst excesses of the government. The voters had contempt for the existing political establishment triggered in moderntimes by George HW Bush (41), who had no regard for their economic and personal welfare, and his elite ‘new world order’ adherents, the Clintons, his son and Barack Hussein Obama.

Electing President Trump gave The People hope.

The Big Q: What did they have to lose? 

The Republicans and Democratic political establishment both accepted as normal the country’s economic stagnation, wealth redistribution, submission to international governance, and loss of Constitutional freedoms.

America’s voters were eager for a strong leader who would change the status quo.

What we have seen since the election of President Trump is the disruption of accepting economic stagnation and loss of personal freedoms as the new normal, keyed into America 1st and Making and Keeping America Great.

President Trump’s 1st Executive Orders were getting rid of regulations.

President Trump is unique among American Presidents, and the current political leaders in the world, he is a free-market capitalist, he is not part of any political establishment,

President Trump is a product of the private sector.

Under his strong leadership, in only 2 years the United States solidly re-established itself globally as The superpower economy.

President Trump’s policy choices reflect the wide difference in the leadership mentality between from the private sector trained by risking their own money to make money, as opposed to politicians spending unlimited amounts of money with no personal financial accountability. Risk is in his DNA.

“America was born a capitalist nation, was created a capitalist nation by the intent of its founders and the Constitution and developed a culture and a civilization that were capitalist to the core.” — William F. Symon, former Secretary of the Treasury

“…I have been watching the tragic spectacle of citizens’ groups, businessmen, politicians, and media people systematically laying waste to our free-enterprise system and our freedom even as they earnestly—often sincerely—proclaimed their devotion to both,” he said.

Viable markets require economic freedom, an idea that exists only in the absence of government coercion. 

Unlike government establishing national purposes and goals, the free-market is millions of living, breathing, working, innovating people making individual decisions for reason of their own.

The Big Q2: Will the Socialist Democrats of the Congress, and their like-minded in the judiciary, continue their assault on America’s fundamental liberties and capitalism? 

If the RINO or the spineless Republican Party fails to assert itself to doing something more than giving lip service to the ideals of personal and economic independence we are in trouble.

ALERT: the continuing viability of the financial markets is dependent on President Trump holding firm on his policies. Support him all along the way.

Have a terrific week

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