Fighting Against Coronavirus Anxiety

Americans are fighting for their psychological health now. 

Many people are battling anxiety issues that threaten to become chronic without a plan of action to hold them off, as anxiety has become as contagious as the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Anxiety can often lead to depression and other life challenging experiences. 

According to the data, more than 7-M people in the US are affected by generalized anxiety disorder and about 6-M with panic disorder at this time. These numbers are expected to rise, experts said.

Stress weakens the immune system making people more vulnerable to sickness and viruses.

Doctors are concerned because they are used to a data-based playbook, but this time they are in a scenario they have never played before.

Doctors, government official and the media need to play a part in decreasing peoples anxiety, increasing their focus, strength and growth thus boosting immune systems.

Below are some tips on how to do that, as follows:

  1. Active stress management: We need to have a more active approach that connects us physically as well as psychologically. Some examples are walking, running, deep breathing, intentional laughter, or dancing.
  2. Find a purpose: There is no better positive distraction from the lack of control we feel than finding meaning and purpose during a crisis. It can be something as simple as spending time every day supporting a friend or learning stress management skills so you can help others.
  3. Be a growth leader: we can all take a leadership role, and use our power to send a positive vibe to others. Emotion is contagious so be intentional in your interaction and focus on helping people stay connected, positive, motivated, and in control. Do not let navigating this crisis become a greater crisis.
  4. Build growth resources.: among the resources are optimism, resilience, spirituality, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence.
  5. Learn, laugh, love: in times of crisis and uncertainty creating a sense of control and positive momentum matters. Each day spend at least 15 mins doing something that falls into 1 of these categories: learn, laugh, and love. Our minds are powerful, but they cannot experience 2 emotions at the same time. If you are laughing, you are not anxious.

Have a happy healthy Easter and Passover weekend, stay home, Keep the Faith!