Ferrari (NYSE:RACE): Another Hybrid Will Come,but Not This Year


From the LA Auto Show

Iconic Italian Supercar maker Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) confirmed there will never be a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of its new Roma sports car.

Even though the modular underpinnings of the Roma were pre-engineered for hybrid power, the new Ferrari will stick with pure front-engined, twin-turbo V8 power for its entire 7-to-8 year life cycle.

There were rumours that the Roma was planned as a new Dino-style junior Ferrari and would come complete with at least 25km of Zero-emission electric range, but it never happened and never will.

Yes, it could be done easily and quickly because everything beneath the skin is ready to go, but it could not be done cheaply.

We are able to electrify the platform, but we are not foreseeing right now to hybridize this model,” Ferrari’s road-car Technical Director, Michael Leiters said.

“We would never do it on the same model.”

That itself hints strongly that another model is being planned to deliver the technology off this same modular architecture, which also sits beneath the more expensive Portofino.

But not it this year or next…

Ferrari is launching 5 cars this year, including 2 of them into new segments

We committed to introduce 15 new models in the 5-year plan, and now we have done 5,” Ferrari Commercial Director Enrico Galliera said. “Something will happen in the future with hybridization.

“But it will not happen next year. 2020 for us is a year of consolidation.

“2020 will not have the same innovation rate, but will be about consolidating the success for the models we have introduced since 2018.”

The gem in any PHEV story isthe unprecedented production and development efficiencies of variants of the twin-turbo V8 powering at least 6 sports cars: Roma, Portofino, SF90, F8 Tributo, 488 Pista and the proposed hybrid.

Could we do a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant of the Roma?” Ferrari Commercial Director Enrico Galliera asked.

Yes, we could, but we will not.”

Every Ferrari F1 car in the V6 era has been a hybrid, with 2 electric motors and a turbocharged V6.

In terms of road cars LaFerrari hypercar used electric boosting power for higher performance.

More recently, the just-shown, 1000 horsepower SF90 Stradale PHEV will combine its twin-turbo V8 with an electric motor in the transmission and one more on each of its axles.

Critically, it is also capable of 25km of pure EV, Zero-emission driving for city work.

And yet, its numbers are very Ferrari.

It punches to 62mph in just 2.5 secs and from zero to 124mph in 6.7 secs thanks to a 736kW combined power figure.

If you are in Los Angeles see the new Ferrari’s up close.

Stay tuned…

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