Ferrari Inspired Pininfarina E-Voluzione Bicycle

Ferrari Inspired Pininfarina E-Voluzione Bicycle

Pininfarina, the iconic Italian design firm that has worked for decades with sports car brands such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Caddilac, and Maserati, has taken its luxury vehicle experience and applied it to the world of bicycles with its E-voluzione.

This EB (electric bicycle) has a sleek, aggressive and sporty design, while also being environmentally friendly.

Generally, e-Bikes have a large battery pack that creates a clumsy look while also upsetting the bikes’ balance.

Pininfarnia E-voluzione overcomes this design challenge by housing the battery, motor, light and display within the bike’s frame rather than tacking them on the outside. That design feature improves balance and performance while giving the bike a go faster appearance as well.

Adding to the E-voluzione’s high performance, the bike weighs in at just 16 kilograms, far lighter than the average e-Bike.

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