Fearmongering is the Real Danger Not the CaseDemicvirus

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John Tierney, a contributing science columnist for The New York Times, looks back over the VirusCasedemic, providing a timeline of the media-induced viral panic that led to censorship and suppression of scientific research on an unprecedented scale

Experts who spoke out against the official narrative were attacked and accused of endangering lives by questioning lockdowns

Numerous research journals refused to publish the results of studies that featured data questioning lockdowns, masks and other COVID policies

Certain states have stood out for their refusal to buy into the draconian public health measures that were adopted throughout much of the US.

Florida is chief among them and has a COVID mortality rate that’s lower than the national average

The “Chaos crisis,” or the ‘incessant state of alarm fomented by journalists and politicians,’ is a Key reason why so many government, academic and policy leaders could support rampant censorship and suppress scientific debate for so long, all while propagating panic and fear among The People.

This VirusCasedemic experience should be a lesson in what not to do, and whom not to trust. Do not assume that the MSM’s version of a crisis resembles reality.

Do not count on mainstream journalists and their favorite doomsayers to put risks in perspective.

Do not expect those who follow ‘the science’ to know what they are talking about.

Tune out the Noise!

Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!