$FBX KXCO at the Singapore Traders Conference

Singapore Traders Conference $FBX KXCO

Metastock will be hosting a conference in Singapore for traders. The focus/theme of the conference will be generally anything to do with Market Analysis and Trading.

The Venue will be at RNN Conference Center 137 Cecil Street, Cecil Building, #04-01, Singapore 069537, starting at 9 am. https://www.metastock.com/Singapore2023

Featuring expert traders and analysts as;

  • CK Ee co-founder of Asia Charts Pts Ltd, and COO and Master Trainer at Asia Charts,
  • Robin Ho, trader and remisier at Philip Capital, and a well sought after speaker after turning $100,000 into $2 Million during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis,
  • Daryl Guppy, with more than 25 years of trading and investment analysis in Western and Mainland Chinese markets,
  • Bobby Hiller, in charge of International Business Development at Metastock,
  • Robin Han Wei, with a unique trading style based in Engineering and Game Theory,
  • Jake Seltzer, Director of KXCO Digitall Banking, Director of the KXCO Labs incubation program and a member of the FBX Board of Governors, named 2021 Fintech Startup Leader of the year for Entrepreneur India.

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