Fallout has been Fast After the Capitol Building Terrorist Attack Wednesday

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As the BLM-ANTIFA terrorists swarmed into the Capitol Building lawmakers hid or fled to the tunnels as the rioters banged on the chamber doors.

Moments earlier, as hundreds of rioters stormed the building, the House controlled Capitol Police officers opened The Building doors and ushered the rioters in just when the lawmaker started the certification of electoral votes.

Both Senators and Congress men and women told wild tales of their escapes from danger that MSM and others falsely accuse President Trump of inciting.

Several told Reuters that Top Capitol security officials had assured them earlier in the day that they would be safe ahead of the planned Save the Steel March and that everything was under control, which it was not. The House controlled Capitol Police were very lax and 5 people died because of their complicity in the attack.

Notably, a senior Department of Defense official said that the Pentagon had been in touch with the Capitol Police last wk and as late as Sunday were told that they would not require assistance from the National Guard. The DC mayor called on them after the fact.

We asked more than once, and the final return that we got on Sunday, was that they would not be asking DOD for assistance,” said Kenneth Rapuano, Assistant Secretary of Defense for homeland defense and global security.

Fallout has been fast, the Capitol Police Chief will resign, the House Sergeant at Arms would resign, and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said he would fire the Senate Sergeant at Arms.

Saturday, a Top DoD official hammered Speaker Pelosi, calls her remarks Vs President Trump “silly” and a National Security Risk as her comments are endangering the country.

People are asking, when is she going to be asked to resign?

In interviews with Reuters and in public statements, lawmakers were angered over the failure of the Capitol Police, a 2,000-member force dedicated to guarding the Capitol Grounds and controlled by the House, and other agencies.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a Trump’s ally said the invaders, many carrying weapons or unsearched backpacks, “could have blown the building up. They could have killed us all. They could have destroyed the government.”

How could we not be prepared?” he asked at a news conference. If the Capitol Police had been in the military, he said, “they would have been relieved of their commands and most likely court-martialed” and tried for crimes in a military court.

Capitol Police did not respond to a request for comment.

Defense Department officials also said that intelligence reports provided by law enforcement did not suggest any threats of the kind of violence that broke out Wednesday.  And that they were not informed by the FBI that bus loads of Antifa and BLM’rs (Burn Loot Murder) discussed as Trump supporters had joined the Stop the Steal March Wednesday afternoon,

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