Extraterrestrials May Have Already Been to Earth and are Coming Back

Extraterrestrial life may have already visited planet Earth before humans evolved into intelligent beings, a new study claims.

Sunday, it was reported on the study that theorized that because the stars and planets within the Milky Way galaxy all move, aliens could merely be waiting for the right time to pay another visit to our solar system until their star is closer to our Sun.

Earth’s solar system makes a complete orbit of the Milky Way galaxy every 230-M years, according to the report.

The galaxy has at least 100-B stars and it’s estimated there could be more planets than that, 10-B of which could be Earth-like in terms of having the ability to support life.

While we wait, astronomers are now using forms of AI (artificial intelligence) in the effort to detect mysterious fast radio bursts that originate from outer space.

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