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“Are you wondering what NFT is? Well, it is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token hosted on the blockchain”–Paul Ebeling

Anything you create or own can be an NFT. Your tweets, music, arts, videos, even your selfie can be sold as an NFT. And yes, you can make a great deal of money from selling NFTs.

NFTs can also help break up industry oligopolies by eliminating intermediaries and connecting artists with their audiences. NFTs can expand markets and streamline transactions. 

Most unknown artists and content creators have given up hopes of making a living from their art because they have little control over how their work is distributed in the industry. We have taken the initiative to provide a complete solution.

Our system supports NFTs and decentralized gaming applications (dApps) to provide a user-friendly blockchain network for developers and end-users. 

The platform allows users to develop and own lands, wearables, characters, and other NFTs. Users purchase plots of land in this virtual environment, which they can then explore, build on, and monetize. 

Decentraland is 1 of the many projects that use the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure for governance decisions. Therefore, holders of tokens partake in how the Decentraland world functions, including recommending and voting on policy reforms, the parameters of potential land auctions, and content allowed in the Metaverse.

Non-fungible lands can be purchased and developed for rental or sale. In Decentraland, you can organize events on private plots since you are permitted to own them. Most well-known musicians have already begun playing live shows online. 

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The Knights Platform is an electronic network that links the trading floors of every relevant Crypto Exchange

Market participants, Brokers and market makers can take a price on any of the linked exchanges to find and execute the best price available. Eventually, as they are on boarded, a broker on the floor of one exchange could directly place an order through Knights rather than going through a broker on another exchange.

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