Experience The Traditional Japanese Culture In The XR NFT

MADworld gets backed by Animoca Brands to defend artists entering the multiverse -- MADworld offers an NFT Origination Platform and NFT Marketplace which use blockchain technology to defend the artists, artwork, creators, and content that enter the untraversed multiverse.

Selected works will be on exhibit in XR at the World’s Largest NFT event “NFT.NYC”

Animoca Brands KK (“Animoca Brands Japan”), UCOLLEX (Headquarters: Singapore) and MADworld (Headquarters: Hong Kong) have jointly announced the launch of a NFT series dedicated to Japanese Culture and consists of artists who are the embodiment of Japanese culture. for the history, with urban-linked XR NFT Art Exhibition was developed set to be held at NFT.NYC, the World’s largest NFT conference, from June 20-23. Each highlighted artist will contribute works which will decorate the landmark Times Square in New York City in form of Extended Reality (“XR”) format.

Selected works will be on exhibit in XR at the World’s Largest NFT event “NFT.NYC”

NFT series specializing in Japanese culture
This series of NFTs dedicated to beloved Japanese culture, consisting of a multiple artists who are leading of contemporary Japanese culture, in the spirit of Ukiyo-e, the traditional Japanese art of “Ukiyoe wo Egashite”. We will be launching a series of works by artists who are active in the forefront of Japanese culture from various perspectives, such as ukiyo-e style artists and sculpture x Japanese culture, as well as developing a community.

XR NFT Art Exhibition to Adorn Times Square at NFT.NYC, the World’s Largest NFT Event
As part of the promotion campaign, a city-linked XR NFT Art Exhibition will be held at NFT.NYC, one of the world’s largest NFT events, from June 20-23, where the landmark Times Square in New York City will be decorated with Japanese cultural art.

Selected biography of the artists who will be part of the XR Art Exhibition

Masayuki Kojo
Site: https://www.macfamily57.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/macfamily57
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kojo_masayuki_official/

Kenichi Asano

Site: https://www.k-1asano.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/k1asano
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k1asano/?hl=ja



For more information visit https://www.animocabrands.co.jp

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Ukiyo-e wo Egashite (浮世絵を絵がして) mean “Painting Ukiyo-e”
XR (eXtended Reality) : an technology that combined the computer visual and realistic world merged into one-single environment.

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