Experience Live Race Track Emotions With Ferrari, Porsche and MercedesAMG

Experience Live Race Track Emotions With Ferrari, Porsche and MercedesAMG


There are a growing number of private clubs around the world with race tracks where owner can unleash their power and hone their driving skills.

Below is a list of places in North America and Europe where Supercar and HyperSupercar owners can put the petal to the metal.

Ferrari Corsa Clienti 

The Top Tier: Live track emotions with Ferrari in Italia.

The Ferrari Sports Driving Course offers a complete, progressive program of instruction focused on giving participants a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques.

And for clients who have completed the Ferrari Sports Driving Course and grasped the basic techniques it covers, Ferrari offers this 2nd, more advanced program of instruction.

Participants get the opportunity of intensive, specialist Ferrari driving and learn about advanced fast driving and vehicle control.

he Evolution Course divides participants into 4 groups of 4 and offers them the opportunity to develop their on-road Ferrari driving skills and sample.

Driving techniques and, of course, excitement levels are enhanced by time trials, the use of competition cars and tires and in-depth telemetric analysis.

The Pilota Ferrari project is completed by the Driver School Course, the ultimate expression of sports driving courses for Ferrari Clients. This course takes the skills learned in the previous 3 courses to their logical an and ultimate conclusion.

Ferrari now offers Corso Pilota Winter program: the “Pilota Ferrari On Ice”. The concept of the program is to provide clients with the unique experience to drive a Ferrari GTC4LUSSO on snow in one of the most exclusive and prestigious setting of the Italian Alps at Livigno.

Plota Ferrari – Challenge Driver School” is an innovative course which combines instruction to perfect driving technique on road-going cars with specific preparation for driving the Challenge model.

For a list of Ferrari events click here.

Some others…

Monticello Motor Club

  • 4.1 miles of race-grade track and 450 ft of elevation change 2 hrs from Manhattan.
  • Monticello, New York
  • Bring your own or select 1 from the Club’s fleet, which include: Jaguar F-Types and Porsche 911’s.
  • Frame: April to November.
  • Cost: $130,000 for Gold Lifetime Membership, plus annual dues of $13,100.
  • The Club is set in beautiful upstate New York, it provides storage for members cars, 1 on 1 instruction, race car rentals, and food. It’s very family oriented, with Go-Karts and children’s activities daily.

Lamborghini Winter Accademia

  • The Accademia teaches driving and drifting on snow and ice during daytime and nighttime settings.
  • Livigno, Italia
  • The Lamborghini Aventador and the Lamborghini Huracán Coupes.
  • 17 -21 February 2017
  • $6,166 per student, passengers extra
  • No previous experience is needed as long as you want to learn and you can afford the fee. Lamborghini’s program includes luxury accommodations, guests staying 2 nights at Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort and a cocktail and dinner in a cordial setting. The area is just 2 hours from Milan and is a popular skiing and snowboarding.

Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy

  • A complete driver training and competing program on a UK track and in simulator sessions.
  • Oxfordshire, England.
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT4.
  • Happens in Spring/Summer.
  • $52,000 for complete driver training sessions for 2.
  • The academy includes driving suits, helmets, gloves, and VIP passes to all races happening in the area. Complete this course to get your ARDS racing license, which will allow you to compete in World Championship series races with the Aston Martin consumer racing teams. The comprehensive course is for 5 days but can be flexible with schedules and travel arrangements.

Palm Beach Driving Club

  • A 2.034-mile asphalt road course, a 1/4-mile concrete drag strip, and an 8/10-mile Go-Kart Track. The club meets every Wednesday, weather permitting.
  • Jupiter, Florida
  • Bring your own car
  • Open year-round
  • There’s an initiation fee of $7,000, no annual dues, for a seasonal membership or $22,000 initially plus $5,500 the 1st year in dues for an individual membership. Or $37,000 plus a sliding scale of annual dues for a partner membership.
  • Family friendly, with weekly dinners hosted at the track, plus group weekend and Karting events. The track is open year-round and at night. The resident pro-driver is available for 1 on 1 instruction.

The Thermal Club

  • A 5-mile course for amateur and professional racers with on-site villas.
  • Thermal, California
  • Bring your own car, or select 1 from a fleet of Porsches, and BMW’s
  • Open year-round.
  • $85,000 per individual or $200,000 for a corporate membership, + $14,000 to $56,000 in annual dues. Home site land prices $600,000 – $2-M.
  • The track designed by Alan Wilson to challenge amateur and professional drivers alike, + it has Karting facilities. Club workers will race-prep your cars, provide training and coaching, and maintain your vehicle in the adjacent motorsports village.

Motorsport Ranch

  • Bring your own car, whether modern, classic or vintage
  • Cresson, Texas, near Fort Worth.
  • Road courses of 1.3, 1.7, and 3.1 miles with available villas to stay in near Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Open year-round.
  • $12,000 for executive status, plus $80 in monthly fees.
  • The club has 2 race courses: a 1.7 mile course with 11 turns, and has 30 feet of elevation changes, and a 1.3 mile course with 7 turns, and has more than 70 feet of elevation change. The ranch has auto storage. Villas track side are in Phase-1 of development.

Autobahn Country Club

  • An elite driving club that allows members 1-1 instruction and free access to tracks.
  • Joliet, Illinois, just outside of Chhicago
  • Bring your own car, or use a Corvette Z06, Ferrari California T, and others provided by the club.
  • Open just 7 months a year.
  • $40,000 initiation fee + $5,000 per year.
  • The club’s track has one of the most varied driving schedules and courses, with high-performance and defensive-driving classes offered. You can also store your car there, build your own garage and condominimum.

Porsche Driving Experience

  • Master RSR Porsche Leipzig driving school, one of the highest-level driver training classes Porsche offers for consumers.
  • Leipzig, Germany, Los Angeles, California, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Porsche 991 GT3 Cup and 911 GT3 RS.
  • Not for the feint of heart.
  • Elite instruction over 2 days in Germany is a lifetime opportunity. (You must pass many other, less-advanced Porsche driving courses before you can take Master Course.) Accommodations are provided by partnering hotels. The next level after this is to start racing.

AMG Driving Academy

  • A series of tracks and driving experiences with the highest-tuned sports cars from MercedesAMG.
  • Laguna Seca (California), Road Atlanta (Georgia), Circuit of the Americas (Texas), Lime Rock Park (Connecticut).
  •  Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S, Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG and other AMGs.
  • Dates available annually throughout the year.
  • $5,995 for the 3-day Professional experience.
  • “Everything put into AMG vehicles we learned at the track. Now you can share in that too.” The classes go from basic to advanced instruction, with “Pro+” and “Drift Experience” sessions too. Breakfast, lunch, and video analysis of participant’s driving are included.

The venues listed above afford the opportunity test your Supercar on ultimate proving grounds, just like the Professionals.

Have a terrific week.



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