Expect US Appeals Court to Reverse Obama’s “Hack judge” on Travel Ban

Expect US Appeals Court to Reverse Obama’s “Hack judge” on Travel Ban

The Ninth Circuit Court will toss Wednesday’s decision by a federal judge extending the order that blocks President Donald Trump’s travel ban, the founder of  Freedom Watch said in a TV interview Thursday.

US District Judge Derrick Watson of Hawaii “is so way out – he is such a political hack . . . that I think even the Ninth Circuit will reverse him,” the former federal prosecutor said.

“Despite the fact the Ninth Circuit is pretty far left, there are even some leftists on that circuit like Judge Ronald Gould who actually follow the law. I do not think this Hawaii hack judge, who happens to be a friend of former President Barack Obama and former classmate at Yale Law School, is going to prevail.

“But he’s trying to make a name for himself. He’s hoping that if the Democrats win the next election in 2020, he might be catapulted up to the Ninth Circuit or the Supreme Court. This is a complete political hack. That’s all he is.”

Judge Watson’s decision bars President Trump from enforcing his revised travel ban on 6 mostly Muslim nations while he defends it in a court battle that will stretch for months, perhaps years.

While President Trump administration tailored the latest version to shed all religious references, the Honolulu federal judge found the President’s campaign rhetoric, including calls for a Muslim ban and registry, point toward discriminatory intentions.

The US Justice Department will appeal the ruling to the US Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the same court that upheld the order stopping President Trump’s original travel order.

Judge Watson turned an earlier temporary restraining order into a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit brought by the state of Hawaii challenging President Trump’s travel directive as unconstitutional religious discrimination.

President Trump signed the new ban on 6 March in a bid to overcome legal problems with a January executive order that caused chaos at airports and sparked mass protests before a Washington judge stopped its enforcement in February. He declares that the travel ban is needed for national security.

Stay tuned…

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