EU Envious of President Trump’s Strong US Economy

As tariffs loom on $7.5-B worth of tariffs on European goods, leaders in those countries “respect” President Trump and how his policies have worked to improve and grow the US economy, US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell said Friday. 

“I’ll tell you one thing, they respect him,” Amb. Grenell said in a business interview, after the show host asked him if the President is popular in Europe. “They know that his policies work and that is really the goal.”

Meanwhile, the tariffs on EU products such as commercial airliners and food items such as Italian cheese and French wine is the response to a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling that has been pending for 15 yrs, said Amb. Grenell, adding it came out during the recent G-7 Summit that European countries are envious of the United States’ economy. 

Several countries in Europe are close to recession, but Germany has a surplus, as they have been “very responsible,” he said. 

They’ve also been, I think, focusing on this Germany-1st economic model,” he said. “I have seen the discussions between President Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel. The president has said look, you have higher tariffs in Europe on us on a number of products, you have a surplus, that surplus keeps growing so we want to make a freer and fairer system.”

Amb. Grenell said he did not want to comment on politics where Ukraine and the issues with President Trump and The Biden Family are concerned.

Multiple US administrations have been concerned about corruption in Ukraine,” he said. “We just had an election in Ukraine…Europeans and Americans have been pretty united about combating corruption in Ukraine and I think we’re all concerned to make sure that we can help this country move forward.”

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