Economic Gains Come with President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Economic Gains Come with President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

US President Donald Trump’s multi-billion dollar infrastructure plan helps give state and local governments control while streamlining the permit process.

“The way it will work, the $200-B dollars in federal dollars won’t be granted until state and local governments come forward with private investment to match it,” White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said in an interview. “We’re also asking that the permitting process be streamlined. You have heard the President talk often about how the Empire State building took a year to build, while some roads take 10 years to get permits approved.”

Mr. Short also disagreed with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s contention that the plan shifts the burden of infrastructure repair to local communities and states that cannot afford the cost.

“I’m not so sure it’s shifting the burden,” Mr. Short said. “We are giving the states and local communities the opportunities to leverage federal dollars to invest in the projects that the federal government has not been able to do for years. The reason the infrastructure is crumbling because the bureaucracy does not let it move forward.”

Mr. Short did not put a number on the economic gains that would come with infrastructure reform, but he did remark on the growing economy and its connection the volatility in the stock market.

“There is volatility in the market because the economy is already growing,” he said. “We’ve had 3% GDP growth the last 3 Quarters and revenues were 5.2% higher in January to the Federal Reserve,” he said. “In fact, the economy is already turning a corner. The volatility you are seeing in the market is basically inflation expectations moving up which is not all bad.”

Monday, Mr. Short also discussed claims made by Rep. Adam Schiff, (D-CA) who says President Trump held back a Democratic memo on the Russia probe to mislead Americans.

“I think the reality is the White House will look forward to releasing that memo,” said Mr. Short.”Let’s keep a couple things in mind. One is that Republicans voted in Congress to release both the Republican and Democrats memo. Democrats only voted to release their memo. There is enormous hypocrisy here. What we’ve heard from the intelligence committee … there are sources and methods in the Democratic memo that the Justice Department doesn’t want revealed.”

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