Easy Ways To Stay Feeling Active

Morning Stretches

Doing a variety of body weight movements and yoga positions in the morning is a great way to start your day as you keep your body accustomed to every day positions.

Plan More Outdoor Activities

Many people gain weight as they become isolated from the outside world and aren’t used to moving around or going outside as much as when they were kids. Planning activities regularly such as going grocery shopping, walking to a restaurant, going to the beach, playing sports, can all aid in motivating you and changing how you feel on a day to day basis as you begin to use your body.

Play With Your Kids

Many parents have baby sitters or just let their kids play while they sit and watch. To get healthier, why not join your child as they run around playing games or going on slides! Being a kid from time to time is a great way to keep you in shape, active and engaged.

Watch TV On The Floor

Modern sofa technology has advanced to the point where you can remain essentially motionless through an entire 2-hour movie, but if you sit on the floor for exactly the same amount of time you’ll be stretching, changing position and generally keeping your vital systems online, preventing yourself from becoming too lazy.

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