Earning Interest on Your Crypto

Klive, a soon to be publicly-traded, licensed crypto-asset broker that provides investors with a turnkey solution to invest in, build, tokenize and trade crypto assets, today announced Klive‘s interest rate hike campaign – March Interest MadnessKlive customers will now earn increased APRs on the respective assets as follows:*

  • USDC              9.11%
  • BTC                 6.35%
  • ETH                 5.95%
  • DOT                 8.88%
  • ADA                 5.36%
  • LINK                5.69%
  • LTC                 6.59%

At Klive, they put our community first, as evidenced by the industry leading rates that empower our users to build wealth by investing in digital assets and earning significant interest on the multiple Klive platforms. The focus on the real investor, with the unique commission sharing platform and extensive interest program, positions Klive as the platform of choice for investing in, housing, creating and earning interest on digital assets.

Klive offers interest on a total of 27 digital assets, and through the TLC incentive program, offers interest boosts of 1 percentage point on BTC and USDC, allowing investors to earn up to 10% when holding at least 10,000 TLC tokens.  Klive also recently unveiled its new loyalty program which will take effect once the official Klive listing begins to take shape later in 2021.

About Klive.

Klive is a decentralized crypto-asset broker that provides members and institutional investors with a turnkey solution to trade and manage crypto and other assets. Klive offers customers best execution and safe custody on a wide choice of popular assets. Klive was founded by established Wall Street entrepreneurs who teamed to bring a better, more transparent, and cost-efficient alternative for trading to the marketplace.