Dunamu’s Teamed Up Lambda256 Launches “The Balance” Blockchain

Lambda256, a Blockchain affiliate of Korea’s leading fintech company collaborate with Dunamu to launch The Balance, a consortium mainnet, and its Tech Launchpad, unified into All-in-One platform that provides a customized solution for a successful Web 3.0 business.

The launch took a place on Metaverse of The Balance World, provided by Metacong, one of its Web 3.0 service partners introducing ongoing web 3.0 projects, service partners and validators. Their two initial Web 3.0 projects are about NFT/Live Tech with CandyPlus which has more than 28 million downloads worldwide and Mesh Korea has more than 100 thousand delivery riders in South Korea with its application “VROONG”.

Collaborating with leading Web 3.0 service partners such as Metacong (Metaverse), SooHo.io(DEX), CandyPlus(NFT) and Mesh Korea (Live Tech), The Balance can provide applicable Web 3.0 infrastructures for projects in various industry verticals. Any ventures that would like to start a Web 3.0 business or solve obstacles while building the project can apply on Tech Launchpad website Hand-picked projects go through incubation and acceleration stages where the strategies and technologies are built and implemented.

The Balance, a re-branded name for Luniverse mainnet, is an easy, safe, and green multi-layer consortium mainnet that supports multi-chain bridges for token and NFT. By providing a developer-friendly DApp development and open sourced API, it supports effortless and seamless integration with existing services and by through token and NFT bridges, crypto assets can easily be transferred and exchanged between mainstream blockchains.

With fully integrated with Ethereum, they confirmed Solana, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain integration by end of 2022.

With the rebranding to consortium mainnet, The Balance chose initial 8 validators: KT, Maeil Economy, Kakao Enterprise, Mesh Korea, Devsisters, Megazone Cloud, Hanhwa EBC, and DSC Investment. Given validators play an important role in making operational decisions for The Balance and expanding an ecosystem.

Jay Jae-hyun Park, CEO of Lambda 256, said, “We will provide a full support to ventures willing to build Web 3.0 businesses where users can be rewarded with their own data and activities using The Balance mainnet and Tech Launchpad. Lambda256 will contribute to the growth of an economy where everyone can experience and share the rewards. We also plan to accelerate the expansion of global service partners and validators in the second half of this year.”

With the opening of its global website(https://thebalance.luniverse.io), The Balance is open for the Tech Launchpad project applications.

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SOURCE Lambda256