Dubai Small Business Owners, “We are in this together”

Last Wednesday a temporary travel ban was imposed on all UAE citizens. Similarly, those who are UAE residents who are out of the country will not be allowed to re-enter the UAE for the next 2 weeks.

And as of 17 March all entry visas to the United Arab Emirates have been suspended. While visas on arrival were still permitted for certain countries, that has now changed. From 19 March there will be no visas on arrival issued until further notice.

There is no denying that coronavirus is having a huge impact on business worldwide, with redundancies and pay cuts implemented across all industries.

Major corporations have the ability to sustain the impact of COVID-19, small or local businesses are facing a tougher outcome.

In Dubai it is no different.

The Dubai Government announced its precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of its residents and visitors.

Dubai Tourism notified all bars, pubs, lounges, bars and bars within restaurants to close immediately on 16 March till the end of March

Dubai Tourism that it will continue to evaluate “the situation in coordination with the health authorities”.

Hence many small businesses owners are facing increased challenges to keep going, especially those who rely group gatherings.

The Central Bank of the UAE’s rolled out Dh100-B economic stimulus package to support the impact of the coronavirus pandemic which aims to help small and medium businesses.

The Bottom Line

At the moment there is not much business owners can do, just wait for Summer and be optimistic.

What they can do is update websites and databases, studying and improving themselves.

Have a healthy week, stay home!