Dubai Police Plan to use Robots and Artificial Intelligence by 2020

Dubai Police Plan to use Robots and Artificial Intelligence by 2020


The Emirate’s police force is exploring the use of robots to perform basic policing functions

Dubai Police Smart Department General Director Colonel Khalid Razooqi as saying robots could do the work of a police officer on the ground in some situations.

“We are working on a similar project and it will be ready by Expo 2020,” he said.

This follows testing of a robot during the Gitex Technology Week event to gain user feedback.

“The project we are working on will involve robots interacting with people and performing some responsibilities that of a police officer,” GD Razooqi said.

According to him, the project will take place in two phases with the 1st focused on manufacturing and the 2nd on AI (artificial intelligence).

Dubai Police are in the final stages of identifying a company for the manufacturing, he said, and is also developing AI in coordination with American technology giant IBM’s (NYSE:IBM) Watson unit and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

The technical innovations department head Major Adnan Ali said robot officers could be up and running by Y 2017. He said robots could answer questions and connect people to call center through its interface.

“We’re trying to improve the artificial intelligence and its camera and other equipment so that it can spot people from 10 metres or 20 meteres away and approach them and greet them,” Maj. Ali was quoted as saying.

“We’re expecting for it to be in tourist areas at 1st in Y 2017, near Burj Khalifa, GPR, City Walk and by Y 2020 we want to have a more thorough area covered.”

The development follows several recent technology introductions by the local police force including a mobile app to issue traffic fines and the use of Google Glass by officers to report from accident or crime scenes.

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