Donald Trump will Add “Juice” to the GOP Convention

Donald Trump will Add “Juice” to the GOP Convention

Donald Trump can “Juice” the Republican National Convention in July by delivering a speech every night from a different city.

In an interview Saturday a senior Trump adviser Barry Bennett says “We need to adjust the format” of the event being held this year in Cleveland – including the traditional acceptance speech at the end of the GOP convention.

“I think when it comes to the program a lot of us feel that we could juice up the format just a little,” Mr. Bennett said.

“More entertaining, more interesting. I do not know why the candidate only speaks on acceptance night, why shouldn’t he speak every night from a different city?

How come we are not doing broadcasts on Facebook or Google, why are we just relying on 45 mins of network television time?”

The convention has become a flashpoint in a dust up between the presumptive nominee and old guard Republicans who have said they will not attend the event, including 2012 GOP nominee losers Mitt Romney, Jeb, John McCain, and former US Presidents George W. Bush (43) and George H.W. Bush (41).

Bob Dole (R-KA) has seen the light and I expect that House Leader Paul Ryan will too, otherwise he could be out of a job soon.

All whose time has past and days come to an abrupt end with at Trump Presidency.

Trumpeting for Trump

Paul Ebeling

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