Donald Trump Want’s Rudy Giuliani on National Security Team

Donald Trump Want’s Rudy Giuliani on National Security Team

Wednesday, Donald Trump said he is thinking about setting up a Commission to examine the problem with undocumented Muslims coming into the United States, perhaps to headed by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“There are obviously some very bad things going on, and we’re going to figure out what’s going on and we’re going to be very, very careful,” Donald Trump said in a TV news discussion about his meeting with US House Speaker Paul Ryan Thursday.

Mr. Trump did not elaborate on his call for a Rudy Giuliani helmed Commission to study terrorism.  Recently Mayor Giuliani has come out in support of Donald Trump’s bid for the Presidency.

Donald Trump also said Wednesday that the United States is allowing Syrian refugees to enter the nation with “no idea who they are, we have no paperwork. There’s no documentation.”

And, he said Muslims are “pouring into the country, our country by the thousands,” pointing to other countries like Germany and Sweden, which have accepted refugees and now have a “total Mess” on their hands.

“I’m going to be extremely vigilant and careful,” he said, emphasizing that the ban would be temporary.

“We have a problem,” said Mr. Trump. “If you don’t want to discuss the problem, then we’re never going to solve the problem. We have a president that won’t even use the term radical Islamic terrorism. He won’t use the term. He refuses to say the term, even after Paris where 130 people were killed or San Bernardino or any other place.”

Also on Wednesday, US House Speaker Paul Ryan came under pressure from a few Republicans to endorse Donald Trump quickly, saying that the party’s unity should be paramount, but most say any reconciliation will likely take some time.

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