Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, No Connections to Alt-Right

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, No connections to Alt-right

This post started out as an e-Mail to my daughter who is part of the liberal intelligentsia and a regular reader of Haaretz. She was apoplectic at the thought that Jews, myself included, would support Donald Trump and Steve Bannon both of who are in some fashion connected to the alt-right.

Breitbart Editor Joel Pollak Insists They Have Nothing to Do With The Alt-Right, Calls NPR ‘Racist’ . This despite Mr. Bannon telling Mother Jones recently, “We’re a platform for the alt-right.”

“The only alt-right content we have is a single article, An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right, out of tens of thousands of articles, which is a journalist article about the alt-right by Milo Yiannopoulos and Allum Bokhari,” Mr. Pollak claimed. “Which basically went into this movement and tried to figure out what it was all about. That’s not racist, it’s journalism.”

My daughter was particularly disturbed by it arguing that such an article should never have been published by Breitbart.

Haaretz just published the following articles:

After ‘Hail Trump’ scandal, alt-right leader tells Haaretz: Jews have place in my America

The Complete Glossary of the Trumpist Alt-right

American Nazis, Then and Now

‘Hail Trump’: Alt-right Nationalists Celebrate Trump Victory, Quote Nazi Propaganda

Haaretz has gone overboard on this and so liberal Jews.

Liberal Jews believe that there is a troubling connection between Bannon and the alt-right and by extension between Trump and the alt-right. And I guess you might say, by extension, me.

I never knew about such a movement or connection to Breitbart until maybe two months ago. I know very little about it as I never see its platform in anything I read. That includes Breitbart who I read every day.

I have full confidence in Joel Pollack who is the Editor in Chief and a Harvard law graduate from South Africa and who is married to a black woman. He is not of the alt-right in any way shape or form.

The complete glossary of the Trumpist alt-right provides much needed information on the one hand and misinformation on the other.

I object to calling the alt-right, “Trumpist alt-right” and to some paragraphs in it.

When referring to Steve Bannon he writes “Some people describe his strategy as Leninist – fostering a revolution led by an avant-garde of highly idealistic professional revolutionaries, who will accelerate far-reaching social processes?”

He does not say what is wrong with “far-reaching social processes” nor does he say what they are so readers can judge.

As for Breitbart, he writes: “ An ultranationalist right-wing news website, formerly edited by Steve Bannon, which combines misogyny, opposition to trade agreements, hostility to immigration and to foreigners, and opposition to abortion and gun restrictions. It endorsed Trump’s candidacy, and also supports Brexit, Israel, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and the far-right movements of them and other European leaders. Ideologically close to the alt-right, in a more moderate form.

First of all “ultra-nationalist ” is meant as a pejorative but it is not defined. Donald Trump’s central theme is “Make America Great again” and “putting America 1st.” If this is what the author means by ultra-nationalist then I do not see it as a pejorative although I would call it “ultra-nationalist”. It is really just nationalist.

By suggesting it “combines misogyny, opposition to trade agreements, hostility to immigration and to foreigners, and opposition to abortion and gun restrictions.” it misrepresents Breitbart. I have never read a comment that would suggest misogyny. But it may have to do with a debate on a unisex world as opposed to a world made up of two different sexes.

Breitbart and Donald Trump are not against trade agreements, just unfair trade agreements and trade agreements that in their opinion have sold America out. That’s a good thing.

They are not against “immigration or foreigners”.They are only against illegal ones. They also want to restrict immigration to immigrants who love America and its values.

As for being against abortion and most gun restrictions they are in good company. A majority of Americans agree with them on this and on their platform on illegals and immigration. It is for these reasons Donald Trump won the November 8th election.

I am not defending the alt-right.

I agree with all of Donald Trump’s platform which is antithetical to the liberal view.

Essentially the liberal view is a universalist one where all people and cultures are equal. It denies the will of the people, aka democracy in favor of an imposed ideology. It uses PC (political correctness) and intimidation to prevent the exercise of free speech. It denigrates anyone who rejects their ideology. It believes that liberals are morally superior for embracing this ideology.

The nationalists, including Donald Trump and myself, reject this ideology.

We believe in the Nation 1st.

Nations have no obligation to allow immigration and have every right to maintain its values and culture. Nationalism, in the western mode, believes in equality for all its citizens. It does not hold that all cultures and religions are equal. Specifically it sees Islam as antithetical to its culture and thus rejects it. Muslims are only welcome if they want to embrace American values and reject Sharia and Jihad.

I put it to you that our differences are not differences in morality.

The Big Q: What makes the values of the liberal left morally superior?

The Big A: Nothing, other than the fact that the left considers them so.

It is better to talk of our differences as difference in ideology rather than in morality.

The Complete Glossary of the Trumpist Alt-right

A Glossary of alt-right figures and terms from dark enlightenment to post-truth

Alt-right (the alternative right): A term that defines individuals with extreme right-wing ideologies and ideas that have been disseminated in recent years on the internet, mainly in the United States, and which deviate from the ideology of the traditional conservative right. Until recently, the trend received only marginal media attention, but in recent months its proponents have received increasing exposure. They are for the most part white males who propagate ideas of male supremacy and white supremacy, which are considered taboo in the mainstream media. Alt-right activists often use code words to express racist sentiments: for example, “Skypes” is used when referring to Jews, and “Googles” is the preferred euphemism for black people.

Most alt-right activists write under assumed names, mainly on forums such as 4chan and websites such as However, the ideas they espouse are also found on the website, which has been described by its chief executive, Steve Bannon, as “the platform for the alt-right.” During the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton linked Donald Trump to the movement. Recently, there have been complaints that the concept of alt-right is in itself misleading, and conceals a simple racist-fascist ideology.

Alpha Male: A popular compliment in alt-right circles for dominant and patriarchal men like Donald Trump; opposite of a beta male, who is effeminate, weak and emasculated, lie Barack Hussein Obama.

Bannon, Steve: Donald Trump’s new Presidential chief strategist, CEO of Breitbart. Some people describe his strategy as Leninist – fostering a revolution led by an avant-garde of highly idealistic professional revolutionaries, who will accelerate far-reaching social processes when power is in their hands, and now it is.

Beck, Glenn: A conservative, Christian radio talk show host affiliated with America’s Tea Party movement. Mr. Beck is opposed to the alt-right, which he describes as European and anti-American, and to Donald Trump, whom he has compared to Adolf Hitler. Also warns against Alexander Dugin on the New Right. In February, he promised that if Trump came to power, he would move to Israel. Considered by members of the alt-right to be “cuckservative”. An ultra-nationalist right-wing news website, formerly edited by Steve Bannon, which combines misogyny, opposition to trade agreements, hostility to immigration and to foreigners, and opposition to abortion and gun restrictions. It endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy, and also supports Brexit, Israel, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and the far-right movements of them and other European leaders. Ideologically close to the alt-right, in a more moderate form.

Cuck, cuckservative: A racist-sexist expression of contempt for old-school conservatives who oppose Donald Trump and the ideology of the alt-right. Such conservatives are portrayed as castrated beta males.

Dark Enlightenment: An ideological movement that serves as an intellectual vehicle for many alt-right writers. Milo Yiannopoulos claims that “there are many things that separate the alternative right from old-school racist skinheads, but one thing stands out above all else: intelligence. Skinheads, by and large, are low-information, low-IQ thugs driven by the thrill of violence and tribal hatred. The alternative right are a much smarter group of people – which perhaps suggests why the Left hates them so much. They are dangerously bright.”

The pioneers of Dark Enlightenment are nihilist philosophers such as Englishman Nick Land, libertarians and technological Utopians. It is a kind of religion of misogynist geeks who toy with anti-humanist and anti-democratic ideas, whose principal argument is that liberty and democracy cannot coexist, and therefore democracy should be sacrificed. They reject what they call “The Cathedral,” their term for the contemporary gospel of liberalism and political correctness.

Dugin, Alexander: A Russian intellectual with close ties to the Kremlin. Promotes imperialist Eurasianism, which aims to destroy the decadent West by means of an anti-democratic, Asian cultural-political model, centered in Russia. He has been influenced by ideas of the “conservative revolution” and by the philosophy of Oswald Spengler, which was popular in Germany in the first half of the 20th century. Opposes the ideas of progress and liberalism in favor of ancient tradition originating in the East, and considers the idea of a democratic Russia as pseudomorphosis. Although he has advocated a confrontation with the democratic Order of Atlantic, centered in the United States, he is often quoted on alt-right websites and encourages Trump-style American isolationism.

Gamergate: A protest movement of misogynist gamers that is, video-game players, which erupted in August 2014. It flourished on the forum site 8chan, and on Breitbart. The protest was directed against feminists who criticized male dominance in the gaming world. Was seen as a formative event of the new Geek right, exemplifying a mix of geeky machismo and chauvinist violence.

Hipster Right: Breitbart’s term for the young European identity movement, exemplified by educated and with-it young people who oppose German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policy and protest against the “self-hatred” of multi-culturalism. Influenced by ideas of Frenchman Alain De Benouit’s New Right.

Human bio-diversity: A racist expression commonly used in alt-right forums to describe the  phenomenon of significant genetic differences among the various human “tribes.” It assumes that the “white tribe” can and must maintain itself and its lands, and prevent intermingling with other tribes such as black or Jews. This is the basis for hostility toward multi-culturalism and immigration, which its purveyors perceive as “White Genocide.”

Israel: A country in the Middle East that is described as “Judeo-democratic.” Many members of the alt-right support Israel because it is a frontline position in the war against Islam.

Neo-reaction, NRx: An ideological movement that more or less overlaps Dark Enlightenment. To be distinguished from the old neo-conservativism that flourished in the days of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, which the alt-right dubs “cuckservative.”

New Balance (NB): A popular brand of sports shoes that was recently declared by the alt-right as the “official shoe of White people” This happened after the company’s spokesman expressed enthusiasm about Donald Trump’s election, due to the opposition of the President Elect to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

Pepe the Frog: A cartoon character that has become a popular meme, and in the past year has been identified with white ultra-nationalism and with Donald Trump. The Anti-Defamation League officially designated it a “hate symbol”; Hillary Clinton’s campaign also attacked the frog, provoking derision from Donald Trump supporters. Pepe illustrates the clownish nature of the new far right. As Israeli intellectual and Trump supporter Elad Pressman, editor of the website, explained, “If the discourse of Hillary’s campaign is as strict as the Church regarding purity of language and preaching Christian morality, Donald Trump’s campaign is seen as more emotional, dynamic and amorphous, and in effect is lighter, laughs more and is not as heavy.”

Pseudomorphosis: A term coined by German philosopher Oswald Spengler, author of “The Decline of the West,” published in 1918. It signifies a cultural disease that causes a young and vital culture to adopt the thinking modes of a foreign and dying one, thereby leading to pretense and hypocrisy. Popular with Dugin and neo-reactionary philosophers, who claim that millennials have to free themselves from the liberal culture of the declining Baby Boomer generation.

Post-truth: A characteristic of the political culture of the Trump era, in which facts are of no importance in the shaping of public opinion. Several alt-right spokesmen, including Yiannopoulos, advocate such politics. The term was chosen by the Oxford Dictionaries as the Word of the Year for 2016.

Putin, Vladimir: President of Russia. Very popular among spokesmen of the extreme right in the West, as “the Great Godfather of extreme nationalism” in our time. Those who believe in White supremacy claim that the United States must hold off from waging the Cold War against Russia that began during the term of President Barack Hussein Obama, and to ally itself with the “great White power” headed by President Putin.

Excerpts from Richard Spencer’s speech, as published by The Atlantic.

Spencer, Richard: One of the prominent spokespeople of the alt-right, editor of the website. Promotes identity politics, white supremacy, and anti-bourgeois and anti-liberal “heroism.” He claims he is not interested in restoring slavery, but rather in establishing an “ethnic state” for whites only. He claims that women are attracted to alt-right men out of an evolutionary admiration for the genes of alpha males. Does not oppose the activity of Jews, or gays, on the periphery of the movement – as long as they identify with “white European culture.” However, he stresses that “Jews aren’t white.” He and his wife, who uses the pen-name Nina Byzantina, distribute English translations of the works of Alexander Dugin. With Donald Trump’s victory, he sees the alt-right as the leaders of public opinion in the new America. At a convention of the movement this week he gave the Nazi salute and shouted “Hail Trump! Hail victory!”

Strauss, Botho: A German writer and playwright. Began his career as an avant-garde playwright in Berlin, but since the 1990’s has expressed conservative opinions considered taboo among the German public. One of the popular figures in the “identity right.” A year ago, he claimed that the wave of immigration signifies “the end of the history of the German spirit,” and declared that he prefers to see German society die out than for it to become intermingled with foreign peoples. However, he says that if the Germans become a minority they will rediscover their authentic identity.

Swift, Taylor: An American singer who was involuntarily named the poster girl of the alt-right, mainly thanks to her “Aryan appearance” (blond hair and blue eyes). Appears in innumerable, half-joking memes, accompanied by anti-Semitic and Nazi statements.

Trolls: A common term for users of social networks, discussion groups and websites who deliberately provoke anger and arouse antagonism. Many members of the alt-right act as trolls – that is, their strategy is not to commit to being serious, and to present every provocative claim as though it was designed to arouse debate and embody freedom of expression.

Milo Yiannopoulos.Richard Saker, REX/Shutterstock

Yiannopoulos, Milo: A British journalist and editor at Breitbart, one of the more eccentric spokesmen of the alt-right, identified with the right-wing gay movement Twinks 4 Trump. Describes himself as a violent homosexual and as a fundamentalist of freedom of expression; expresses anti-feminist and anti-Islamist views. Voices provocative ideas in lectures and speeches with deeply macabre and disturbing undertones. For example, he has hinted at a sexual attraction for Trump, whom he calls Daddy. Although he claims to be of partly Jewish descent, he also says that anti-Semitic caricatures are legitimate if used jokingly by free-spirited young people, which is meant to shock the adults, similar to “long hair and rock ‘n’ roll” in previous eras.

By Ted Belman

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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  • Freon Sandoz

    “Nations…have every right to maintain its values and culture.” That is a dangerous philosophy if taken to extremes; isn’t that what the Nazis claimed they were doing? I will never understand the mindset of Jews who are comfortable with a candidate who makes bigoted statements about minority groups. Which group do they think those bigots will turn on after the Mexicans, Muslims and blacks have been taken care of? The David Duke caravan isn’t far behind the Trump Train.

    • Greg Gilbert

      So don’t take it to an extreme and support a rational outlook. Many issues are dangerous if you take it to an extreme, so we don’t do that. Our prosperity is governed by nature & nurture and it’s unscientific to only look at it only from a leftist blank slate outlook.

      Looking at the world from a blank slate outlook is extreme and causes an over-emphasis of thinking oppression is due to any differences in prosperity. Deaths and destruction is happening around the world because people see oppression rather than biological differences as the reason why things are the way they are.

    • Paul Ebeling

      The US policy is now America First, as is that of the UK, Sunday’s Italian referendum signals the same for Italy, France and the Netherlands are next, this is the New World Order, the Rockefeller banks globalization era is over. Live and learn…Have a happy day, or weep and complain. Paul

  • Greg S.

    “Gamergate: A protest movement of misogynist gamers that is, video-game players, which erupted in August 2014. It flourished on the forum site 8chan, and on Breitbart.”

    Wow, the misogyny would come as a big surprise to all the women in in Gamergate, and the male journalists that were mostly targeted. The Huffington Post interviewed some members of Gamergate, they were all women

    As for “flourished” on 8chan, I just checked the site’s stats. The Gamergate board on 8chan has had 7 unique IPs post in the past 72 hours. That forum is dead. By comparison, the main GG forum on Reddit (/r/kotakuinaciton) has over 73,000 subscribers, of which 1100 are currently browsing.

    “The protest was directed against feminists who criticized male dominance in the gaming world.”

    Incorrect, it was mostly directed at journalists and media companies who had attempted to promote the products of their spouses and roommates without disclosure. In an industry where thousands of low-budget indie developers live and die on getting mainstream coverage, it was huge. But instead of simply adding disclosures, game journalists closed ranks and coordinated to declare the “gamer” demographic dead in an attempt to discredit anyone discussing the scandal. This was in addition to falsely accusing Gamergate of a host of terrorist attacks, including SWATting, bomb threats, death threats, and doxing. None of these were true, but it did cause readers to deliver actual bomb threats to Gamergate convention panels and meetups.

    Fake news promoting conspiracy theories resulting in violent vigilantes, the original Pizzagate