Donald Trump Seen as “No Nonsense, Anti-Patronage & Anti-Corruption”

Donald Trump Seen as “No Nonsense, Anti-Patronage & Anti-Corruption”

America’s voters are fed up with establishment politicians in the Democrat and Republican parties, and see Donald Trump as the leader of a “Virtuous Movement” against “Patronage & Corruption”.

The GOP’s presumptive nominee is see as “the no nonsense the candidate of change and Hillary Clinton as the candidate of the status quo. It is clear that the nation wants change now.

The dynamic being played out in this election between The Republic, which we have had for 230 years, and the Oligarchy, which emerged since the FDR’s New Deal, which Hillary Clinton represents. George HW Bush’s father Preston was a proponent of this take over and carried the message into the White House during WWII.

In order for an Oligarchy to maintain power it has to use patronage and corruption to stay in power. And that is the kind of the modern Democratic Party and the modern new, the big government Republican Party as seen in the Bush-Clinton tie-up.

Donald Trump, whether or not you agree that Donald Trump is a virtuous man he is leading a virtuous movement of Judeo-Christian Republican anti-corruption ethics against Hillary Clinton’s corrupt Oligarchy.

This election is shaping up to be disruptive, and could be affected by 3rd-party candidates, or in the event of a Hillary Clinton meltdown the coming on of a Biden/Warren ticket in November.  The Democrat delegates are not in favor of a Bernie Sanders as their standard bearer for the Oval Office.

The US political historians that I read are all agreed that, “We’ve never seen it before in the history of The Republic.”

Donald Trump wants to win. Bernie Sanders wants to crack the status quo in both parties, that works for Trump and works against Mrs. Clinton should she be the nominee.

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