Donald Trump, “Hillary has Experience, the Wrong Experience”

Donald Trump, “Hillary has Experience, the Wrong Experience”


Monday, Hillary Clinton, 68 anni, and Donald Trump, 70 anni, interrupted each other throughout the debate on topics ranging from foreign policy to the economy.

Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton had very little to show for her many years in public life. Hillary has experience, “the wrong experience.”

If you did not see and hear her Monday night watch her condescend throughout the debate with a snide smile.

Donald Trump said Tuesday that he considered using sordid details of Hillary Clinton’s personal life against her, but refrained.

“I was going to say something extremely rough to Hillary and her family, and I said to myself, I couldn’t do it. It’s inappropriate. It’s not nice. But she’s spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads against me, many of which are untrue,” Trump said. “It’s not a nice thing.”

What we have to look forward to in then next 2 debates, one in St. Louis, and the other in Las Vegas is Donald Trump with his “gloves off”

Opinion polls have shown the 2 candidates in a very tight race, with the latest Reuters/Ipsos polling showing Hillary Clinton ahead by 4%, with 41% of likely voters.

A 2nd Reuters/Ipsos poll released Monday showed 50% of America’s likely voters would rely on the debates to help them make their choice. And 61%, were hoping for a civil debate and were not interested in the bitterness shown on the campaign trail.

Asian share markets recouped early losses Tuesday and the USD edged away from a 1-month trough Vs the Japanese Yen, suggesting investors may have judged that Hillary Clinton was holding her own in debate against Donald Trump.

Markets have tended to see Mrs. Clinton as the candidate of the status quo, while few are sure what a Trump Presidency might mean for US foreign policy, trade and the domestic economy. [

The size of the television-viewing audience was expected to challenge the record of 80-M Americans who watched 1980’s encounter between Democratic President Jimmy Carter and Republican Ronald Reagan. Some commentators forecast Super Bowl-sized viewership of about 100-M people.

The TV viewer numbers

Some 80.9-M Americans watched the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump (R) and Mrs Clinton (D) D on television, setting a new viewer record for such events.

Monday’s figures do not include millions of people who watched the debate in bars, restaurants and online through Twitter (TWTR) Facebook (FB) and other social media.

Monday’s debate was the first of three between the presidential candidates before the November 8 election. The other 2 are on October 9 and 19.

The live audience was asked to remain silent and not applaud or respond to the candidates’ remarks, they did not always do that, responding with some cheers, some oh’s and some ah’s.

Donald Trump was easy on Hillary Clinton in deference to her husband, Bill and daughter, Chelsea who were in the audience.

Hillary presented herself as the Washington DC political establish insider candidate, and Donald Trump is clearly the disruptive force the nation needs to get back on the course to greatness.

Trumpeted for Trump



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