Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton perfected ‘politics for profit'”

Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton perfected ‘politics for profit'”

“Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the Presidency of the United States”

Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton Wednesday, calling the Democratic nominee “the most corrupt person ever to seek the Presidency” and saying her foreign policy “cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars and unleashed ISIS across the world.”

In his speech in New York City often halted by standing ovations, Donald Trump picked apart Clinton’s candidacy one issue at a time:

  1. Clinton has “perfected the politics of personal profit and even theft.”
  2. “Her leadership style volcanic impulsive, disdainful and disdainful of the rules.”
  3. Clinton needs to go to “prison to pay for the crimes that she’s already committed against our country.”
  4. Clinton “gets rich making you poor.”
  5. Clinton’s decisions as Secretary of State “spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched.”
  6. Clinton failed to disclose 1,000 foreign donations.

Further, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton had her shot to show her fabric to be President, she blew it.

“Hillary Clinton’s tryout for the Presidency has produced 1 deadly foreign policy disaster after another,” Donald Trump said. “She’s virtually done nothing good. It all started with her bad judgment in supporting the war in Iraq in the first place.”

Donald Trump severely criticized Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi, the event that cost the lives of 4 Americans, including US Ambassador Chris Stevens.

“Among the victims of our late ambassador Chris Stevens, I mean, what she did with him was absolutely horrible. He was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed,” Trump said. “Ambassador Stevens and his staff in Libya made hundreds and hundreds of requests for security. … The Hillary Clinton State Department refused them all. She started the war that put them in Libya, denied him the security he asked for then left him there to die.”

“The Hillary Clinton foreign policy cost America thousands of lives and trillions and trillions of dollars and unleashed ISIS across the world,” Trump said. “No secretary of state has been more wrong, more often and in more places than Hillary Clinton. Her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched.”

Donald Trump pointed out how Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy has and would cause more destruction. He got a standing ovation.

“ISIS threatens us today because of the decisions Hillary Clinton has made along with president Obama,” Trump said. “ISIS also threatens peaceful Muslims across the Middle East and peaceful Muslims across the world who have been terribly victimized by horrible brutality and only want to raise kids in peace and safety.”

Make America Great and Safe Again.

More voters trust Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton to keep America safe, according to a new poll taken in the wake of the Orlando terror shooting.

The Morning Consult survey, shows 41% of voters trust the GOP presumptive nominee, compared with 37% who trust Clinton to keep the nation safe. More than 20% either did not know or had no opinion.

A larger number of Americans support Trump’s renewed call for a temporary ban on Muslims traveling to the United States following the 12 June  massacre of 49 people by shooter Omar Mateen, who pledged allegiance to ISIS.

According to the poll, 49% back the ban, 40% oppose it and 11% said they were not sure.

Trumpeting for Trump

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