Discover CRYPTOMONDAYS in New York City

A decentralized global community that shares a passion for crypto, blockchain and how it’s going to change the world in dramatic ways.

Crypto Mondays offers fantastic content from panelists to presentations, and a place to network with people sharing their views, learning and having a blast. If you or someone you are know are interested in hosting a Crypto Mondays in your town,

please email


This is a Meetup for people who are passionate about crypto, want to talk about Crypto, learn about Crypto, find jobs in Crypto, hire people in Crypto, and who want to leverage Crypto to make the world a better place.

While CryptoMondays NYC was the first CryptoMondays we have chapters in over 50 cities around the world (Shanghai, Los Angeles, Medellin, Tel Aviv, Paris, London, Miami, San Juan, Singapore, San Francisco, Malta, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Denver, Athens, Medellin, ….).

CryptoMondaysNYC was featured in The New York Post:

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available for CryptoMondays NYC events. Please message us for more information.

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