Discover Benefits of Fasting

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“Fasting is a term that describes a variety of approaches to limiting food intake throughout a 24-hr or longer frame”— Paul Ebeling

A popular approach is intermittent fasting, in which people limit the number of hrs they eat during the day.

There are a variety of approaches to intermittent fasting and 1 approach is not better than another.

Going without food for longer periods of time was probably normal for human ancestors who did not have access to a refrigerator or restaurants on every corner.

Intermittent fasting is more of a lifestyle than a diet, but in the end it is a way of eating that has a significant impact on your metabolism and our health.

  • Fasting triggers the production of antioxidants and boosts age-related metabolites
  • Eating a low-carbohydrate breakfast was found to increase weight loss, while eating dinner late at night raised the risk of glucose intolerance and diabetes
  • Intermittent fasting supports weight management and reduces insulin resistance. It is not advisable to fast while eating a daily diet of processed foods

Understanding the metabolic changes caused by fasting is expected to give us wisdom for maintaining health and anti-aging.

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