Dems Pushing Climate Change are Living in a “Fantasy World”

Democrats who are pushing for a more aggressive approach to climate change and emissions control “live in a fantasy world,” Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Tuesday. 

“The United States is lowering emissions, ” Secretary Perry said on TV. “I think of all the 194 that signed the Paris accord, the US is leading the world in reducing emissions.”

The country is transitioning away from inefficient power plants to natural power plants and looking to Europe to do the same thing, Secretary Perry added. 

“Maybe they think, they being the Democrats running for president, that China would be a better place for all this manufacturing to occur.

It is fantastical when you think about the true misrepresentation of the truth the Democrats are spewing out.”

That said, The Trump Administration is addressing climate change, said Secretary Perry. 

Secretary Perry is accompanying President Trump to Beaver County, Pennsylvania Tuesday to tour a construction site for a cracker plant that turns Nat Gas into plastics. He said the new site will bring about 600 new jobs. 

“We are using polyethylene products practically in everything we touch in the world, whether it’s car parts or high-end health care products like heart valves,” said Secretary Perry.

I am leaving here from Pittsburgh, heading to our National Energy Technical Laboratory, where we’re seeing that type of technology developed to reduce emissions and come up with technologies and innovation,” he told reporters.

He pointed out that 15 years ago, it was believed that all the Oil & Gas had been found that there was, but innovation lead to hydraulic fracturing, and that brought down emissions. 

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