Death Count Reporting from Coronavirus Leads to Public Fear

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A Mississippi county coroner said his state’s death count from coronavirus could be incorrect, adding that possible misreporting has led to “unnecessary fear in the public.

Joshua Pounder, coroner for DeSoto County in northwest Mississippi, included a breakdown of all causes of death in the county in July on his Facebook page.

The Mississippi State Department of Health demands that anyone who has a positive coronavirus test at the time of their death is reported as a C-19 death without acknowledging the fact that “many of them were terminal prior to a positive test,” Mr. Pounder said.

Mr. Pounder’s office reported 144 deaths in July, and he attributed the highest number of deaths to heart conditions, cancer, lung or vascular diseases and strokes. Of the 11 causes of death, coronavirus was not among them.

Citizens who “see the false information politicians report to the world” and “see what the news reporter who has no knowledge of what he is reporting broadcast to the world” become too afraid to leave their homes and go to the hospital for treatment of a “more serious condition and ultimately have a cardiac arrest at home,” Mr. Pounder said.

A spokeswoman for the Mississippi State Department of Health wrote publicly to discredit Mr. Pounder’s statement.

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