Crypto: The Next Countries That May Adopt Bitcoin

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“Longtime Bitcoin advocate Samson Mow says that he sees many countries adopting the leading crypto asset by market cap in the coming years”–Paul Ebeling

In an interview with Kitco News, Mr. Mow the CEO of Bitcoin technology company JAN3 names a country that he thinks could potentially adopt BTC soon.

“Well it looks like Panama is coming. They’re just waiting for a signature from the president to sign off on a law. That was pretty unexpected, even the Central African Republic was unexpected. It just came out of nowhere.

I think definitely within this year it’s possible we’ll see another one appear. I’m actually working on a number of countries too, with Bitcoiners on the ground in different places. There’s two paths here. One is pushing Bitcoin actively, the other path is natural adoption where they figure it out on their own and say ‘Okay we’re going to use Bitcoin.’ Our prospects are looking good this year.”

Mr. Mow also reveals that he’s working with big personalities in Mexico to promote Bitcoin adoption in the country.

“I’m working with some people in Mexico. Indira Kempis, she’s a Mexican senator. And also Ricardo Salinas, that’s the Mexican Avengers team trying to get Bitcoin adoption in Mexico. And a couple of others, I don’t want to name yet but there’s more in play.”

Mow and Blockstream were the chief architects behind El Salvador’s Bitcoin bonds, which the Central American nation plans to use to fund a new Bitcoin City.

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