Crypto: Bitcoin Seeing High Bullish Sentiment

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A widely followed crypto trader is seeing more Bullish market sentiment on social media than he has seen in months“–Paul Ebeling

Digital asset analyst Justin Bennett tells his 102,000 Twitter followers that social media sentiment on crypto appears to be high.about:blank

“I haven’t seen this many bullish posts on Twitter since April.”

Looking at Bitcoin (BTC), Mr. Bennett says the largest crypto by market cap could be in a relief rally. If so, the trader thinks the $21,100 area marked a Key trend reversal.

$21,100 was the resistance area to keep an eye on 

A lot of confluence there. If this is just a relief rally, which I think it is, it’s likely to reverse near $21,100 in my opinion.”

Revisiting the remarks Thursday, Mr. Bennett still said $21,100 was Bitcoin’s “big test.”

“Nice move from BTC after reclaiming $20,400. 

$21,100 is the big test for Bitcoin in my opinion.”

At the time of this writing Bitcoin is trading at $21,995.63

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