Crypto: Bitcoin Leaving Exchanges Looks Bullish

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“Investors are paying close attention to their funds amid rising global economic turmoil”–Paul Ebeling


  1. Choose to maintain custody of their own assets without middlemen
  2. Decide to hold on for the long term and cease trading

Crypto exchanges have order books hosting various price levels at which buyers and sellers look to transact each different digital asset.

If a large buyer or seller comes along and buys all the available offers in the order book close to any given asset’s market price, then that asset would likely move dramatically in price. To prevent such drastic price fluctuations, some entities offer OTC trading, which essentially allows large buyers and sellers to agree on a price and transact away from order books.

Several US-based outfits offer OTC crypto trading, including Coinbase and Gemini. Binance is another Malta-based crypto exchange that offers OTC trading. 

Large crypto participants can also use OTC trading for any digital assets available on the exchange.  OTC markets are big business in the crypto space.

The Knights Platform is an electronic network that links the trading floors of every relevant Crypto Exchange

Market participants, Brokers and market makers can take a price on any of the linked exchanges to find and execute the best price available. Eventually, as they are on boarded, a broker on the floor of one exchange could directly place an order through Knights rather than going through a broker on another exchange.

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Editor’s Note: The market cycle is a naturally occurring phenomenon, attributable to human psychology, and has repeated itself time and time again, though with some variations, in the lives of nearly all market traded instruments. This cycle repeats itself to varying degrees but is fairly accurate in representing the shift between market sentiments of euphoria and pessimism, and an acknowledgment of this natural phenomenon is Key to profiting from any traded instrument, including Bitcoin. My work shows a return to the mean and then all-time highs in here. Tune out fear.

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