Crypto: Bitcoin Forming Massive Bullish Technical Pattern

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“According to a macro guru, BTC just hit the bottom of the wedge:–Paul Ebeling

A popular crypto investor thinks Bitcoin is trading within a pattern indicating BTC bulls are about to take over the market.

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal says that Bitcoin is forming a falling wedge pattern, a technical formation that signals future bullish momentum.

“And that normally would mean we would rise to the top – I’d like to see generally three touches of the wedge. We had three on the downside. We would touch it again on the upside, generally, pull back into the range, and then we go.

That was exactly the kind of pattern that we had in March 2020. We were at the top of the range, we shot straight back into the middle of the range – that was the bicycle. So it doesn’t mean we’re going to go up in a straight line from here, but we probably go up significantly – maybe touch the top of that channel, so maybe we get to $35,000, come back down somewhere, whether it comes back to the low or somewhere in the middle, and that will be the final signal. That’s what I’m thinking.” 

Bitcoin is trading for $29,229.74 at time of writing.

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