COVID Testing Fraud Fuels ‘Casedemic’ Lock Downs

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At present, and going back 7 months now, what we are really dealing with is a casedemic, meaning an epidemic of false positives.

Remember, in medical terminology, when used accurately, a “case” refers to someone who has symptoms of a disease. By erroneously reporting positive tests as “cases,” the ‘pandemic’ appears very much worse than it actually is“– Paul Ebeling

As coronavirus testing takes place en masse across the US, many are questioning whether the tests are accurate enough to trust, especially in people who are asymptomatic.

  • The PCR test is not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as it cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones
  • Many if not most laboratories amplify the RNA collected via PCR swab far too many times, which results in healthy people testing “positive” even if their viral load is very low or the virus is inactive and poses no threat
  • Amplification over 35 cycles is considered unreliable and scientifically unjustified. Dr. Anthony Fauci admits the chances of a positive result being accurate at 35 cycles or more “are minuscule.” Yet the CDC, FDA and WHO all recommend using 40 to 45 cycles
  • Recent research shows that to maximize accuracy, PCR tests for COVID should use far fewer cycles. At 17 cycles, 100% of the positive results were confirmed to be real positives. Above 17 cycles, accuracy drops dramatically. By the time you get to 33 cycles, the accuracy rate is a mere 20%, meaning 80% are false positives
  • When symptomatic, one’s chances of getting a true positive on the 1st day of symptom onset is only about 40%. Not until Day-3 from symptom onset do you have an 80% chance of getting an accurate PCR result.

 Dr. Fauci says the test is useless when it is run at 35 cycles or higher. The FDA says run the test up to 40 cycles in order to determine whether the virus is there.

That is the crime, on the basis of fake science, our country was locked down and being locked down in some states again.

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