COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ are Gene Therapy

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Safety data analysis and reporting in clinical trials of the COVID jabs appear to have been manipulated in at least some cases.

A Key method for manipulating randomized clinical trial safety data is to only analyze the “per protocol” treatment group, those who completed all doses and were fully compliant with the study design as opposed to “intent to treat” which would include all patients that have signed informed consent

For example, if a participant only accepted 1 dose and trial protocol called for 2, under a “per protocol” analysis, adverse events they experienced would be dismissed and not included in the safety analysis. This is a classic way to manipulate safety data in clinical research, and it’s usually forbidden

Since the COVID shots only have emergency use authorization, they are experimental products and, as such, are not authorized for marketing

Bioethics are written into federal law.

As an experimental trial participant, you have the right to receive full disclosure of any adverse event risks. Full disclosure of risks is not being done, and in fact is being suppressed

Adverse event risks must also be communicated in a way that you can comprehend what the risks are, and the acceptance of an experimental product must be fully voluntary and uncoerced. Enticement is strictly forbidden!

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