COVID-19 is Not Really a Pandemic as Pandemics Go…

…it is a Power, Profit, Control Pandemic.

The economic collapse is a result of precisely engineered governmental policies though those policies appear to be in the public’s best interest.

COVID-19 meets the technical definition of a pandemic, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declare it so. However, the death toll is nowhere near that of real pandemics that would legitimately justify the extraordinary measures being deployed by the US and some other 1st world government.

The Spanish flu in Y 1918 infected 500-M people worldwide, killing between 20 and 50-M. The Bubonic plague killed 50-M people, wiping out 60% of the European population. Those are what people think of when they hear the word “pandemic.”

COVID-19 presently affects a ultra-tiny fraction of the global population — about 1.4-M cases out of a global population of 7.78-B, and even with a death toll of 81,000 worldwide, COVID-19 has had a miniscule impact, having killed a only 0.00001% of the population.

Death is inevitable, but any given individual’s risk of dying from the epidemics of diabetes, heart disease or cancer, for example, is greater than their risk of dying from COVID-19 coronavirus.

Death seems to be acceptable from poor lifestyle-induced disease and environmental toxicity.

The Big Q: Why is it preferable and acceptable than death from an infectious disease?

Also, dying from a preventable medical mistake is a far greater risk, as that kills up to 440,000 Americans every year.

The Big Q2+: Where is the panic about that? Is not the notion that conventional medicine kills 440,000 people a year terrifying? And 20% elderly patients are also injured by medical care. Where are the calls to protect our aging loved ones from this threat?

Were health policies more aligned with truth, we would not have these chronic disease epidemics and far fewer people would die from preventable medical mistakes.

More people must learn lead healthy lives, the need to be properly informed and take to heart what is harmful and what is healthy.

What I have learned over these past 5 wks is that when it comes to COVID-19, there are simple strategies with which people can address infection that does not require collapsing the global economy, creating unheard of unemployment and isolating everyone from human contact for wks on end. You can find many articles detailing such strategies in our coronavirus archive here

One size does not fit all situations and this knowledge has not been applied in this pandemic. What has been wrongly applied here is that everyone is being treated as though they are high risk for severe infection and death and therefore need to take identical precautions.

The Big Q3: What is happening here?

The Big A3: Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD in systems biology from MIT tell us: “We have not said, ‘Hey, let’s shut down the economy to address the fact that we have skyrocketing obesity taking place, skyrocketing diabetes. “So, the level of contradiction, the level of hypocrisy should wake up everyone to understand that there is another agenda.

There is another agenda afoot. I repeat what my mentor said: ‘When things do not add up, take a step back and ask, what is the other agenda?’ And the only thing in a common-sense way that reveals itself to me is power, profit and control. Power, Profit and Control.”

I believe that fear mongering is being used to suppress dissent, to crash the economy and to issue medical mandates, as does Dr.Ayyadurai. “If you look broadly, there were massive uprisings, anti establishment uprisings in different countries. Well, they are all gone now. We do not even hear anything about them,” Dr. Ayyadurai says.

He also believes this fearmongering and social isolation mandates will be used as a way to acclimatize people to accept state wants or what a few people deem is good for everyone.

A group of ‘enlightened’ people tried that in the 1800’s and failed, have they come alive and at it again?

That, I think, is the milieu being set up,” he says. ““There’s another agenda,” Dr. Ayyadurai says. “That’s what I see, because it does not make any rational sense to crash the world economy over COVID-19. And to everyday working people, it does not make sense either. They are trying to sort this out.”

In Summary: The 3-pronged agenda is; Power, Profit and Control. To counteract that threat, we need academic freedom and the freedom to discourse and debate. From that freedom, truth, and from truth, we are able to understand health, not only physical health but also in the broadest sense the health of our systems, our infrastructure and environment. With health, we gain the strength to fight for more freedom.

Freedom to manage The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and part of that management is to decentralize healthcare.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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