Confirmed: James Comey Tried to Blackmail Donald Trump ala J.Edgar Hoover Style, He Failed

Former deputy NSA KT McFarland accused former FBI director James Comey of blackmailing then-President-elect Donald Trump in January 2017, comparing Comey to the agency’s disgraced gay founder J. Edgar Hoover.

Ms. McFarland, appearing on TV with former colleague Sean Spicer, described a 6 January 2017, briefing by the national security officials for incoming White House staff including Ms. McFarland and Mr. Spicer.

After the briefing, she said, Mr. Comey pulled Donald Trump aside to privately inform him of documents gathered by former British government spy Christopher Steele as opposition research for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign against Donald Trump.

While the other intelligence chiefs recommended against including it as part of the briefing, Director Comey acted on his own to do it anyway, Ms. McFarland said. The file contained unverified accusations of “weird sexual behavior and stuff that (Trump) had done in Moscow,” she said.

The information was used to help justify a counterintelligence investigation into The Trump Campaign which eventually was taken over by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Ms. McFarland said according to notes Mr. Comey took on the private meeting with Donald Trump, the 2 explained pleasantries.

And then Comey said, ‘I actually want to reassure you that I intend to stay as FBI director,’” McFarland said he told Donald Trump. “And then Comey pulls out his file, his J. Edgar Hoover file.”

Donald Trump denied the claims in the file.

“And Comey says, ‘Well, maybe not but the media is really hot for it. Only a few people in the intelligence community have a copy of this.’ Long pause,” McFarland said. “And then, what does President Trump do? He says, ‘Well I look forward to working with you.’

And Comey says, ‘I assure you, I will stay.” What does that say to me? It was a shakedown. It was a J. Edgar Hoover classic shakedown.”

President Trump sacked Mr. Comey on 9 May 2017. A criminal referral on Mr. Comey is expected.

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