Confidence in this Year’s Economic Recovery Soars, Growth Outlook Upgraded

Optimism about the world’s economic recovery has raised expectations for future growth and inflation”— Paul Ebeling

The US economy recovered at an annualized pace of 33.4% in Q-3 from a record decline of 31.4% in Q-2, grew 4.0% in the 4th Quarter.

The US economy is now forecast to slow and grow 2.8% this Quarter, it was better than the 2.3% predicted in January.

For FY 2021, growth was forecast to average 4.7%, and 3.5% in Y 2022, an upgrade from 4.0% and 3.3% expected previously.

Apart from the Southside economic risks from the VirusCasedemic, relations with trading partners was expected to play a major role with China in particular.

The US and China remain locked in global trade and technology competition near term. That despite Mr. Biden’s puffing that he will reign Chairman Xi in.

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