Concierge Medical Care is Big Business

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Personalized medical services, aka concierge services, have become big business during this medical emergency chaos.

The comfort and luxury of having the doctor come to your door instead of braving traffic and potentially germ-filled waiting rooms has garnered a following.

While basic telemedicine can be restricted by insurance regulations and complicated healthcare portals, concierge care is not dependent upon insurance and offers personalized care, often in the comfort of the patient’s own home.

This premium medical service comes at a cost. Patients often pay up to 3X the price for concierge care over the cost of a regular medical office visit. This is on Top of the annual fees charged by the provider.

Medical services provided by concierge doctors range from physical therapy to dental cleanings and have proven to be popular among those who can afford them.

According to Medical Economics, concierge services are in a better position financially to handle the current emergency than regular healthcare services because they have a steady cash flow. Concierge patients are also unwilling to leave their doctors, which creates a more consistent patient base.

While traditional primary care doctors see an average of 1,600 patients in their practice, a concierge doctor normally has between 250 and 600, according to Medical Economics, which makes critical care during C-19 much more manageable.

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