The Revolutionary Crypto Research Platform: Cyrator

What Is Cyrator?

Cyrator offers a wide range of tools and resources for analysts to review and rate crypto projects, including the “Cyrator List” which highlights the top-rated projects in the community. Our innovative “Proof of Curation” protocol ensures the integrity of reviews and ratings by incentivizing analysts to stake their earnings and penalizing those who violate community guidelines. In the lead up to the beta launch, the Cyrator team reviewed over 350 projects and identified 9 gems, which they believe have the potential to be the next big thing in crypto.

Cyrator Team?

Cyrator team of founders have a track record of success, they founded and managed a social media company with over 8M subscribers, 30 staff and 100 freelancers. They built a decentralized video production platform generating 2 billion organic views and a social media platform collecting 40,000 stories, and an online game with over half a million players. Additionally, Cyrator has an advisor who is a founding member of KuCoin, another founder of his own layer 1 blockchain called KXCO and EmTech Investment Hub as a partner who are very active in promoting crypto at the World Economic forum.

The Team Stated “We’re excited to announce the launch of Cyrator, a revolutionary new platform for decentralized crypto analysis. Developed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, Cyrator is designed to empower users to make informed decisions when it comes to investing in crypto. With its focus on transparency and community.”

Referral Program?
As a way to encourage participation in the community, Cyrator is also launching a referral program and airdrop. Users who sign up to the platform or join the Telegram group will be eligible to receive a share of the airdrop pool. For more information, please visit Cyrator | Crypto Research Community or join the Telegram group at You can also reach out to the team at with any questions or partnership inquiries.

Join the revolution in crypto research today and experience the future of decentralized analysis.