Commentary: Violence in Hong Kong Looks Like ‘Terrorism’

Violent protesters staged a shameful episode of real violence and brutality in full view and broadcast on live television at the Hong Kong International Airport Tuesday.

At about 8:00p local time, a group of protesters detained a traveler they claimed to be an undercover police officer from the Chinese Mainland.

In lynch mob-style assaults, they repeatedly kicked and punched the man, tied his wrists together and pulled his identity documents from his wallet.

For nearly 4 hours, dozens of radical protesters attacked the man before he passed out. They even obstructed an ambulance crew from taking him to a hospital.

Later, the protesters besieged and assaulted another man they claimed to be a fake reporter masquerading as a protester. Again, they beat him, tied his wrists together and continued assaulting him even as he was being taken away by paramedics on a stretcher.

Chinese newspaper the Global Times has confirmed the man is one of its reporters.

During the riot at the airport terminal earlier in the day, they cursed and assaulted passengers and prevented them from departing, paralyzing for the 2nd day the operations of 1 of the world’s busiest airports.

Such brutal and shameful acts are a flagrant violation of basic human rights, overstepping the mores of a civilized society.

The radicals’ violent attacks on innocent citizens are tantamount to an act of terrorism that should be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

Their illegal detainment and brutal beating of a journalist is also an insult to the global press community and a serious violation of the freedom of the press.

Wednesday, some protesters attempted to gloss over these atrocities by putting up half-hearted “sorry” signs, using soft language such as “imperfect decisions.” When they really meant eye for eye violence.

To think these terrorists can act with impunity is absurd. The only way for them to pay up for these brutalities is to be punishment to the full extent of law.

This unfortunate event at the HK airport will be remembered as a blemish on the magnificent City of Hong Kong.

Stay tuned…

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