Commentary, Paul Ebeling on Wall Street

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“While you are on the sidelines during this SP500 consolation, position in KNIGHTS and watch it grow!” — Paul Ebeling

Meanwhile, archive this: The Fed Will Avoid an Overshoot on Rates

We believe that supply-demand imbalances will improve in the next few months, inflation rates could moderate closer into Summer. The Fed may raise rates in March after completing tapering, but we are not worried about an overshoot. As easing and tightening are not symmetric economic and market reaction functions, particularly when draining liquidity from the financial system.

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Notably, some decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens that fell out of favor in early Y 2021 still managed to retain some Top spots in terms of total value locked, which represents the number of assets that are staked in a protocol. Perhaps as they are considered more battle-tested and a safer store of capital compared to newer competitors.

For now, even with altcoins in the headlights, volatility has declined in both BTC and ETH recently.

Our view is that this volatility compression is structural and will be a theme for Y 2022. That said, we believe this dip in the front-end of the volatility curve is overextended and we are adding long gamma in here.

Savvy traders are “long gamma profit” when the underlying asset moves more than expected.

Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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