Coin98 Acquires Yunero Studios Bring Web3 GameFi To The Masses

Coin98 has made an acquisition, fulfilling its ecosystem to push for Web3 gaming into mass adoption.

The company established in 2021, Yunero is a new game studio based in Vietnam, The team consists of professionals from the traditional gaming industry, who have experienced at leading companies including VNG Corporation, Eway JSC, Vega Corporation.

The popularity of crypto wallets in Vietnam shows that people are more on investing beyond just crypto-wallet called GameFi.

Rongos is Yunero’s very first attempt at Web3 gaming. For play-to-earn NFT game that will revamp the current blockchain gaming ecosystem. The game is scheduled to launch later this year.  

Incubating a game studio is our fundamental step toward onboarding the next billion users with blockchain gamingThanh Le, Coin98’s Founder shared.

The gaming market has expected a gradual growth annually. According to Coin98 Insights report, at this rate, this market can reach over $200B revenue and 3 billion global players by 2023.

“Game is not only a product, but also our language to write a new chapter for gamers, to simplify the blockchain world, and bring Web3 to the masses.” – said Du Nguyen, CEO’s Yunero Studios – “With our incredible experience and passion for game development combined with Coin98’s global presence and value, we believe both ecosystems will be much stronger and more extensive.

SOURCE Coin98 Finance

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